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Sleep & Relaxation


Anger Management




Overcome panic attack (Mindfulness way)


Adults and teenagers    Introduction 8 mins
Track Two
1 mins   Track Three 26 mins

This recording is part of the new series, "The Mindfulness Collection"Overcome panic attack

Introduction: understand the basis of panic

Tracks two and three:

  • Relax and focus on your breathing

  • Learn calming breathing techniques

  • Detach from panicky thoughts

  • Let go of past and future anxieties

  • Stay grounded in the present moment

  • Stop reacting to false fight or flight triggers

  • Create a calmer, more controlled response

MP3 price: £9.95


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Switch off (Mindfulness way)Switch off


Adults and teenagers   Length: 26 mins

This recording is part of the new series, "The Mindfulness Collection"
  • Relax and focus on your breathing
  • Choose when and where to pay attention to your thoughts
  • Detach from thoughts at inappropriate times
  • Switch off the pressure
  • Create times of peace and quiet


MP3 price: £8.95

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Beat driving test nerves

NEW! Beat driving test nerves

Adults   Length: 30 mins

  • Relax deeply as you listen to a self-hypnosis recording

  • Let go of driving test nerves

  • Feel the calm and confidence in both your mind and body

  • Stay calm in the lead-up-to and all the way through your test

  • Create associations of confidence with the words ‘test’ and ‘examiner’

  • Be aware of a sense of powerful concentration as you drive

MP3 price: £8.95

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Forgive yourself and let go of unhelpful guilt the mindfulness way

NEW! Forgive yourself and let go of unhelpful guilt the mindfulness way

Adults and teenagers   Length: 25 mins

This recording is part of the new series, "The Mindfulness Collection"

  • Relax and focus on your breathing
  • Discover a quiet inner place within yourself
  • Detach from blaming thoughts and feelings
  • Learn the important lesson from past mistakes
  • Find your compassionate self
  • Forgive yourself and release guilty feelings


MP3 price: £8.95


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Peaceful sleep the mindfulness way

NEW! Peaceful sleep the mindfulness way

Adults and teenagers   Length: 28 mins

This recording is part of the new series, "The Mindfulness Collection"

  • Relax and focus on your breathing

  • Set aside past moments

  • Set aside future anxieties

  • Be in the moment and gain a sense of inner peace and calm

  • Mind and body together produce comfort and serenity

  • Sleep peacefully


MP3 price: £8.95

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Let go of obsessive thoughts the mindfulness way


Adults and teenagers   Length: 31 mins

This recording is part of the new series, "The Mindfulness Collection"

  • Relax and focus on your breathing
  • Be in the moment and gain a sense of inner peace and calm
  • Detach from anxious thoughts and feelings
  • Break the obsessive thought pattern
  • Enjoy thinking calmly and clearly


MP3 price: £8.95

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Relieve anxiety the mindfulness way


Adults and teenagers   Length: 26 mins

This recording is part of the new series, "The Mindfulness Collection"

  • Relax and focus on your breathing

  • Stay in the present moment

  • Detach from anxious thoughts, feelings and "what ifs"

  • Gain a sense of inner peace and calm

  • Be more objective and outwardly focused

MP3 price: £8.95

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Anger management
Control your temper


This is the fourth recording in the Anger management
series and is for adults. Titles suitable for younger age
groups may be found on the Children�s Pages

Adults Length: Track 1: 25mins Track 2: 26 minutes

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Identify the source of your anger

  • Are you an "exploder" or an "imploder"?

  • Identify anger triggers

  • Learn a calming breathing technique

  • Take control of your temper

  • Express your feelings in an acceptable way

  • Keep yourself and others safe

  • Respect others; respect yourself

MP3 price: £9.95


Relieve anxiety

Adults and teenagers

Best seller!

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Feel calm and reassured as you listen

  • Let go of unwanted anxious feelings

  • Feel calm, comfortable & confident

  • Become emotionally strong

  • Cope well with stresses and strains of everyday life

MP3 price: £8.95




After trauma

Adults and teenagers

  • Feel gently comforted

  • Learn to relax again

  • Begin the recovery process

  • Feel safer and calmer

  • Accept hope is possible

  • Absorb more positive coping strategies

Mp3 price: £8.95




Stress reliefStress relief: CD for adults and teenagers

Adults and teenagers

Best seller!

  • Learn to relax comfortably and calmly

  • Get things into proportion

  • See things from a positive perspective

  • Cope more easily, calmly and effectively

  • Feel as though a weight has been lifted from your shoulders

  • Take things in your stride

MP3 price: £8.95



Fly with confidenceFly with confidence: CD for adults and teenagers

Adults and teenagers

  • Relax comfortably and calmly

  • Be talked through normal sounds and sensations

  • Overcome old anxieties about flying

  • Feel calm and confident during the flight

  • Be aware of inner feelings of reassurance and safety

  • Take everything in your stride and enjoy your journey

MP3 price: £8.95



Feeling low?

Adults and teenagers


  • Relax deeply

  • Let go of tension and negativity

  • Lift your mood

  • Enjoy more optimistic perspective

  • Cope with life's stresses and strains

  • Feel more positive and lighthearted

  • Build a brighter, more confident future

MP3 price: £8.95



Boost your confidenceBoost Your Confidence

Adults and teenagers

  • Enjoy relaxing calmly & deeply

  • Let go of unhelpful negative beliefs

  • Build your confidence and self esteem

  • Become emotionally strong and positive

  • Cope effectively with a wide range of situations in daily life

MP3 price: £8.95



Be assertiveBe assertive 



  • Build your self esteem

  • Find your assertive self

  • Understand assertion is not aggression

  • Think and behave in a naturally confident way

  • Be comfortable with yourself and others

  • Believe in yourself

MP3 price: £8.95



Confident public speaking


Adults and teenagers 

Length: Track 1: 28 mins Track 2: 11 minutes

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Delete internal "mental script" for nervousness

  • Absorb powerful long lasting suggestions for speaking
    confidently in social or business situations, large or small
    groups or simply round a meeting room table

  • Write a new "mental script" for calm and confident public speaking

  • Vividly imagine yourself giving a very successful speech or presentation
    As soon as you open your mouth to speak you will enjoy this experience

MP3 price: £9.95



Stop smoking

Adults and teenagers

  • Make the decision to stop smoking

  • Be proud of your decision

  • Internalise perspective of a non-smoker

  • Powerful long lasting suggestions

  • Enjoy a healthy life

  • Short daily booster track strengthens resolve

Dual track MP3 price: £9.95



Stop clenching your teeth
Relax your jaw


  • Relax your facial muscles, jaw and mouth

  • Learn a trigger to release stress and tension

  • Become more aware of clenching while awake and consciously relax your jaw as you notice it

  • Relax your jaw unconsciously while asleep

  • Manage stress more effectively

MP3 price: £8.95


Stop biting your nails
Be proud of your hands

Adults and teenagers   Length: 21 mins

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Let go of old biting and picking habits

  • Absorb suggestions for caring for your hands

  • Feel proud of your increasingly well groomed hands

  • Cope more calmly with life's stresses and strains

  • Become more confident in your appearance and your inner self

MP3 price: £8.95



Pre-surgery and healing

Adults and teenagers

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Approach forthcoming surgery with a positive frame of mind

  • Feel more prepared in both mind and body

  • Accept suggestions to promote the body's own healing forces

  • Experience a greater sense of well being

  • Visualise a speedy recovery

MP3 price: £8.95


Breast cancer-your support through chemotherapy

Hypnotherapy to promote your emotional and physical wellbeing throughout chemotherapy


Length: Track 1: 8mins, Track2: 34 mins, Track 3: 41 mins

  • Imagine a healing sanctuary and experience a sense of calm and comfort

  • Discover inner strengths

  • Build confidence , calm, resilience and optimism

  • Practice visualisation techniques to help cope positively with chemotherapy side effects

  • Visualise yourself using healing light to minimise discomfort

  • Visualise your body's natural healing forces working well

  • Listen to supportive affirmations in the background as Lynda speaks to you

MP3 price: £9.95


Manage your diabetes


Adults and teenagers

Length: 25 mins

  • Relax deeply and comfortably

  • Make positive changes to diet and lifestyle to improve your health

  • Manage the condition easily, calmly and positively

  • Cope with medication easily and regularly

  • Visualise yourself taking everything in your stride

  • Get a feeling of mental and physical wellbeing

MP3 price: £8.95




Manage your IBS

Cope with calm and
increased comfort


Adults and teenagers

This recording should only be used after you have a definite diagnosis of IBS from a medical practitioner who has ruled out other causes.

There are 4 tracks which each deal with different aspects of IBS

  • They include suggestions for:

  • Deep relaxation and easing discomfort

  • Managing the condition calmly and positively

  • Emotional well-being

  • Speeding up sluggish intestinal responses (Track 3)

  • Slowing down over-stimulated intestinal responses (Track 4)

  • Encouraging regularity

MP3 price: £9.95



Relief from skin irritation
Soothe chronic itching

Adults and teenagers Length: 22mins

  • Relax comfortably and calmly

  • Breathe away unwanted thoughts and feelings

  • Let unwanted sensations fade further away

  • Accept suggestions for soothing and calming

  • Use the power of your mind to soothe your skin

  • Cope with any condition more easily, calmly and positively

Four track MP3 price: £8.95



Lose weight


  • Enjoy relaxing calmly and deeply

  • Forget faddy diets that don�t work

  • Choose healthy eating and healthy life style

  • Lose weight naturally

  • Regularize your eating patterns

  • Boost your self-esteem

MP3 price: £8.95



Manage your weight


Adults  Length: 25 mins

  • Helps you eat more healthily in order to reduce your weight

  • Helps you become more active

  • Builds your self esteem, strength and determination

  • Helps you resist temptations

  • Feel in control of your attitude to food

  • Be comfortable with a healthy life style  

MP3 price: £8.95


Get a good night's sleep

Adults and teenagers

NEW! State of the art technology. Replaces Rest and Sleep

  • First short track gives advice on sleep

  • Rest deeply and comfortably

  • Achieve a calm peaceful state of mind

  • Accept calming, comforting, reassuring suggestions

  • Be patient as sleep drifts over you

  • Many people miss the end as they have drifted off to sleep!


MP3 price: £8.95



Purely relaxation

Newly mastered recording 2012

Adults and teenagers

  • Improve the quality of your life

  • Learn the skills of relaxation

  • Enjoy a deep state of peace and calm

  • Accept suggestions for positivity and well being

  • Drift off to sleep if it's bedtime or reorient to the room feeling refreshed and restored

MP3 price:£8.95



Learn Self hypnosis

Discover the power within



Adults and teenagers

  • Learn powerful self-hypnosis technique as you relax deeply and comfortably

  • Learn as you are guided through the process

  • Includes suggestions for confidence

  • Give yourself your own powerful suggestions

  • Practise the process so you can feel confident to do it on your own

  • Achieve your personal, professional, social goals

  • Visualise confident self in everyday life

MP3 price: £8.95



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