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Control your anger before it controls you

Re-program your angry reactions

This is recording is the third in the NEW Anger Management Series
Suggested age 10-16 yrs   Length: 25 mins

Helps identify anger triggers and re-programs
responses so you deal with stressful situations
in a more calm and controlled way

  • Think about where these angry feelings come from

  • Feeling angry isn�t necessarily wrong, but learn to
    manage your feelings safely for you and for others

  • Reprogram your responses to initial triggers

  • Learn to stop over-reacting and gain (self) respect

  • Learn to control words and actions

  • Learn ways to respond calmly and safely

  • Speak to a trusted adult if you need more help

MP3 price: £8.95

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Tame your temper

Take charge of your angry feelings


Ages 6-9 

This is the second youngest in the NEW Anger Management Series.
The story and suggestions are gentle and age appropriate

Helps your child find a way to cope with angry feelings
and feel more calm and controlled inside

  • Breathe out angry feelings

  • Breathe in calming and comforting feelings

  • Learn to take charge of angry feelings that could lead to trouble

  • Learn ways to respond calmly and safely

  • Stand back, think and use your calming strategies before you speak and act

  • Speak to a trusted adult if you need more help

Age 6-9 years    Length: 17 mins

MP3 price: �8.95

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Tantrum Taming

Blow your angry feelings away




Age 3-5 years  /  Length: 17 mins

This is the very youngest in the NEW Anger Management Series. The story and suggestions are gentle and age appropriate.

  • Visit a magic garden

  • Blow away angry feelings into a balloon

  • Blow away old tantrum behaviour

  • Stop shouting, pushing, shoving, hitting or kicking

  • Magic flower helps them calm down

MP3 price: �8.95

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Let go of anxiety

Age 10-15

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Imagine sea shore at water's edge

  • Release anxious feelings into water

  • Accept powerful suggestions for calm

  • Become calm, confident and in control

  • Visualize living daily life with calm and ease

  • Feel happy and confident

MP3 price: £8.95

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Let your worries fly away

Let go of anxious thoughts

Age 5-9

Revised Recording 2012

Best seller

  • Imagine blowing worries into air balloons

  • Place anxieties in baskets

  • Feel calm and safe

  • Learn special calming gesture

  • Visualize relaxed self in everyday life

MP3 price: £8.95

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Confidence, Believe in yourself

Age 10-15


Build confidence and raise self esteem
  • Relax & breathe away anxiety
  • Use idea of mind as mental computer
  • Delete negative self-doubting beliefs
  • Receive powerful suggestions for confidence
  • Create new program of positive confident beliefs to raise self-esteem
  • Type in new messages for positive "can do" beliefs
  • Visualize being happy, confident & at ease in everyday situations

MP3 price: £8.95

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Boost your self esteem

Age 10-15

  • Delete negative, unhelpful beliefs

  • Recognise and appreciate own good qualities

  • Discover inner resources

  • Powerful positive suggestions for self esteem

  • Respect the person they are

MP3 price: £8.95



Build your self esteemBuild your self esteem

Age 6-9

  • Dismiss negative thoughts & beliefs

  • Take on positivity & confidence

  • Appreciate own good qualities

  • Feel greater sense of self worth

  • Feel loved & appreciated

  • Enjoy being yourself

MP3 price: £8.95



Be confident Be brave Be strong

Age 5-8

  • Builds youngsters' confidence and self esteem

  • Blow doubts and worries into balloons

  • Watch anxieties fly away

  • Find the magic confidence pebble in the pond

  • Touch it and feel safe and confident

  • Notice warm, happy, brave feelings inside

  • Imagine being confident at school and out & about

MP3 price: £8.95

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Calm and relaxed at the dentist

Age 8-15

  • Enjoy relaxing calmly and deeply

  • Breathe away unwanted anxieties

  • Find inner "feeling controls"

  • Set controls for calm & confidence

  • Visualize being calm & at ease at dentist

MP3 price: £8.95


I love going to the dentist!I love going to the dentist

Best seller

Age 4-7

  • Paint away fears

  • Feel brave, happy and safe

  • Imagine self, laughing & relaxed at dentist

  • Wide open mouth and feeling proud

  • Dentist admires sparkling white teeth

MP3 price: £8.95


Control your bladderControl your bladder
Good morning!

Older child bedwetting

Age 10-15

  • Imagine mind as mental computer

  • Mind and body work together

  • Reset bladder control function

  • Take control of bladder during sleep

  • Wake if need to use toilet

  • Awaken to warm dry bed in morning

MP3 price: £8.95


I’m dry at nightI am dry at night (Best seller)

Younger child bedwetting

Best seller

Age 6-9

  • Lock up bladder with big, strong key

  • Fill child with confidence

  • Muscles keep bladder firmly closed

  • Wake up if need to use toilet

  • Awaken to a comfy, warm, dry bed in morning

  • Increase self esteem

MP3 price: £8.95




Overcome exam nerves

Concentrate calmly and confidently

Students (12yrs +) and adults

Study aid for students - calms nerves, and gives powerful suggestions for calm, confidence and carrying out proven exam techniques

  • Gives powerful suggestions to:

  • Feel calm and sleep well in the lead up to the exam

  • Feel calm& overcome exam nerves on the day

  • Carry out exam skills &strategies that work

  • Learn a trigger for calm & concentration

  • Form calm associations with the exam room

  • Develop a clear and alert focus

  • Visualize taking exam with calm & control

  • Build confidence

MP3 price: £8.95



Revise and remember

Concentrate the mind

BRAND NEW EDITION with four short tracks!

Students and adults

  • Make the most of your learning potential

  • Improve concentration skills and absorb information more easily

  • Absorb advice on study skills

  • Feel calm and confident about revision

  • Increase motivation to "get down to it"

  • Revise and retain information

  • Develop a clear and alert focus

  • Retrieve information from your memory when you need it

Four track MP3 price: £9.95



Focus and concentration

Age 10-16

  • Imagine mind as mental computer

  • Delete negative, unhelpful beliefs

  • Reprogram for greater concentration

  • Visualize studying confidently and calmly

  • Focus in class and in homework

  • Get down to work more quickly

MP3 price: £8.95

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Verbal bullying

Age 10-16

  • Feel relaxed, comforted and supported

  • Imagine an inner storehouse of thoughts, feelings, images and beliefs

  • Clear out harmful words and influences from others

  • Find your inner strength and boost self esteem

  • Store positive inner messages so you are less vulnerable

  • Visualise self coping with more calm and personal confidence in every situation

MP3 price: £8.95

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Cope with verbal bullying

Age 6-9

  • Breathe in colour of comfort and ease

  • Breathe out unwanted thoughts and feelings

  • Feel safe and strong inside invisible bubble of confidence

  • Unkind words bounce off the bubble

  • Visualise self coping calmly and confidently everywhere
    Boosts self esteem


MP3 price: £8.95

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Manage your dyslexia -
organise your thinking and learning


Ages 11-16   Length: Track 1 25 minutes  Track 2 22 minutes

  • Build esteem and belief in ability to learn

  • Enjoy relaxing and breathing away doubts and worries

  • Discover a "room in their mind" with their beliefs and opinions

  • Scrub off mistaken messages from the walls

  • Paint walls the colour of confidence

  • Receive positive messages and paint them on the walls

  • Imagine themselves learning new things easily and confidently

Dual track MP3 price: £9.95

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I love school!I Love School CD Cover

Age 4-6

  • Imagine being in a magic garden

  • Paint away worries or fears

  • Touch special flowers to feel brave and happy

  • See picture of relaxed, brave self

  • Play happily in classroom & playground

  • Go to sleep feeling happy and relaxed

MP3 price: £8.95

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Stop biting your nails
Be proud of your hands

Adults and teenagers   Length: 21 mins

  • Relax comfortably and deeply

  • Let go of old biting and picking habits

  • Absorb suggestions for caring for your hands

  • Feel proud of your increasingly well groomed hands

  • Cope more calmly with life's stresses and strains

  • Become more confident in your appearance and your inner self

MP3 price: £8.95



Stop sucking your thumb

A journey into the imagination to encourage
your child to let go of the thumb sucking habit
and avoid misshapen teeth

  • Relax in a "flying hammock"

  • Fly off to a special magic pool that helps you
    let go of old thumb or finger-sucking habit

  • Feel calm, comfortable & confident

  • Lose need to suck thumb

  • Feel more grown up and proud of yourself

  • Protect the teeth

  • Be proud of yourself and of your strong, straight teeth

Age 6-9 years /  Length: 17 mins

MP3 price: £8.95

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Tics: control sounds and movements


Age: 5-9   

Feel more in control of unwanted sounds or fidgety movements

Length: 25 mins

Relax and daydream

  • Breathe in relaxing, happy colour

  • Breathe out any worries or sad feelings

  • See your brain's control room and find the remote control

  • Learn how to quieten unwanted sounds

  • Learn how to still unwanted movements

  • Build confidence and self esteem

This recording is intended to support and not replace medical advice

MP3 price: £8.95



Calm and control vocal tics and bodily twitches


Older children, teenagers and adults

  • Relax comfortably & deeply

  • Engage power of mind & body

  • Help maintain relaxed control of unwanted movements or sounds

  • Express tension at appropriate times

  • Build confidence & self esteem

MP3 price: £8.95

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Say goodbye to fussy eating

Age 5-8

  • Abandon old fears and worries

  • Change fussy eating habits

  • Enjoy new positive eating

  • Try out new food and flavours

  • Stay calm and in control

  • Feel happy and confident

MP3 price: £8.95



Rest and sleep

8 years plus, including adults

  • Enjoy relaxing easily

  • Feel calm and reassured

  • Paint away worrying thoughts into a passing cloud

  • Be reassured about normal night time sounds

  • Feel safe and peaceful as they drift off to sleep

MP3 price: £8.95

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Lynda Hudson  

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Lynda Hudson
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